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But you know what? Seriously you’re looking at democracy at work, it’s a beautiful thing.

-CJ Clegg - The West Wing.

We are looking at American democracy in action Will, and it really is a beautiful sight to see.

-Elliot Hirsch - The West Wing.


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I just want season 3 of the newsroom to cover one of the filibusters so that there can be TWW parallels.

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Anonymous said: Could you write something with oq + ”Don’t make it into a big deal.” ?



This turned into an entire family drama, so I hope you like it!


"Don’t make it into a big deal." She’s whispering now, baking dish in hand, and Robin mock whispers back.

"It is a big deal. Why wouldn’t we tell them?”

"Because Snow is eternally optimistic and I would just…rather…not."

"Our engagement is a happy thing, correct?"

Regina rings the doorbell on the newly purchased home of Snow and Charming and eyeballs Robin. “Of course it is, but I’d rather enjoy it now for what it is, between us, and not have to look at flower arrangements over dessert.” She looks at him, pleading a little. “Please? Just for tonight.”

"Alright," he finally agrees, but then tilts his head a bit. "You’re wearing the ring."

Her eyes widen just as the door opens, and now it’s a matter of trying to twist the band on her finger while holding the baking dish filled with lasagna so that Snow doesn’t see. It isn’t that she won’t tell her eventually. It’s that it’s new and her moment, not anyone else’s. That’s the way she wants it to be. She’s never had anything that’s only hers. Not like this. And even though Regina is feeling good about things, decent even, Snow is too much sunshine and optimism, and it’s overwhelming most days.

She’s guided into the new kitchen, and Charming is there,opening wine while Snow shows Roland where Henry is, and she drops the dish onto the counter, forgetting about the ring in her haste to free her hands.

"Well, look at that. He finally asked?"

Whipping her head up, she slides the ring around so that the stone is against her palm. “Yes. But we’re not…announcing anything yet. If you tell your wife before I step foot out of your house tonight, I swear I’ll send you all back to the forest.”

David’s hands go up in mock surrender and he’s hiding a smirk. “She won’t hear it from me, although as soon as you’re off the porch, I’m not holding back. We don’t keep secrets from each other.

It’s so saccharine (even though Regina knows she’s been saccharine lately), and she rolls her eyes.

"I helped him with the decision," he says, not in pride, but with a smile. "He had it narrowed down to three rings and for two weeks couldn’t pick."

Her heart skips a beat for some reason at that, and she eyes Charming. “What did you tell him?” she asks, looking down at the simple ring with its sapphire stone instead of a traditional diamond.

"I told him that you’re a complicated woman - which isn’t untrue," he adds when she eyeballs him. "That all the diamonds and tradition wouldn’t matter to you because all you’d want in the end is something that came from his heart. He picked the sapphire, he said, because it reminded him of you."

She knows why, of course she knows why. He loves that blue dress she has, it’s one of the only ones she wears often because she looks forward to Robin untying it in the back, murmuring that blue is his favorite color on her as he kisses down the line of her neck.

"The choice was his, but the advice was mine. And I won’t tell Snow tonight. I understand. It’s important."

Her eyes meet his and dammit she knows he can tell she’s close to tears as she clears her throat. “Thank you. Who knew you’d ever keep one of my secrets, no matter the length of time.”

"We’re family. All family has secrets. And at least ours are about future weddings now." He’s pulled then to the living room by the call of a toddler, baby Neal who isn’t quite a baby any longer.

Following behind him she’s greeted by Henry who actually looks up from his video game to smile at her (he needs a haircut, desperately) and takes in the sight of Emma and Hook looking at something on her cell phone, Snow and Roland talking, and David occupied with Neal. Robin arrives from a bedroom where their coats are now stashed, and slips an arm around her waist, kissing her temple. And this is family. This is sometimes-dysfunctional-but-somehow-works, family.

Roland comes over after giving Snow a hug and announces, so proudly what he’s done.

"I didn’t tell no one you got a ring, Regina!"

Silence falls, the video game is actually paused, and for a moment, she marvels at the fact that Roland can now say her full name very, very clearly.

Robin’s laugh is loud and sudden next to her. “So much for that.”

"You asked her!" Snow gasps, eyes zeroing in on Regina’s hand.

"You knew he was asking?" Regina glares at David then, because there’s only one way she would have found out before it actually happened.

"I only said I wouldn’t tell her that the proposal happened, not that he was going to."

"You weren’t going to tell me?" Snow accuses, actually pouting.

And then Henry chimes in with, “You’re getting married?”

It’s so loud again, and Regina turns the ring on her finger to wear it properly because she might as well now, and Emma and Snow give it the appropriate attention while backs are patted by the one-handed wonder and the prince, congratulating Robin. And as Regina watches, mute and overwhelmed, she realizes that this is family, and it’s hers. That thing she’s searched for nearly her entire life.

This is it.

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But the Organisation of Cartographers for Social Equality.

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no one’s ever going to b e l i e v e me. they made up their minds about who i am a long time ago.

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I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

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When I was little, I used to think it was silly that they put the “external use only” label on bottles because no one would want to eat a bottle of aloe vera, but after reading fanfiction, I know who those warnings are meant for


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But they are like s’mores, like Regina is the chocolate and she’s all dark and tasty and Robin is the marshmallow, all sweet and fluffy and gooey wonderfulness and Henry and Roland are ‘lil gram crackers and Outlaw Queen is s’mores. This is law now. 


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